Our vision of a better world is one where

Individuals and companies feel responsible for their environmental footprint,

Organizations are empathetic, prioritize collective well-being and operate in dialogue with their communities,

Communities are harmonious and individual differences are considered a great asset,

Society provides equal opportunities for everyone to fulfill themselves and reach their full potential,

Progress is achieved through innovative ideas and audacious visions of the future.

Who we are

We are a team of project managers with diverse backgrounds, histories and passions. We are curious about the world but critical of the status quo. We understand that profound change will not happen overnight but dedicate our imagination, grit, and ambition to accelerating the process. We pride ourselves in our work ethic and strive to produce the highest quality output.

We communicate clearly and honestly, which has helped us build connections where others build walls. We are a place where talent who want to make a difference in the world can come and fulfil themselves. Each new person, project and client contributes to our identity. We are organic. We have big ideas and strive to live up to them. This is who we are.

What we believe

We believe in the power of a good idea in the hands of effective implementers. It is our raison d’être. We are big believers in having an impact on the world not only through the work we do but the way we do it. Integrity is at the core of how we operate. We work with humans, not colleagues. We try to remember this even before our first cup of coffee! Our emphasis on people has affected our definition of success.

To be successful as an organization, our team must feel challenged and supported, personally and professionally. In a world where we spend most of our waking hours working, we are here to make them count. Finally, we have no problem changing course, pointing out existing deficiencies and adapting. As individuals, and as a company, we share a commitment to being lean and flexible.

What we do

Credo turns inspiring ideas into concrete projects that have a social impact. We work with people with ambitious visions for a better world and help them transform those visions into realities. We also bring our own ideas to life. Through our signature projects, we can directly impact our community while growing as a team. We test. We iterate. We grow.

We think of our work as a lab. The lessons we accumulate on the ground then inform our client work. We have accumulated a wealth of experience, knowledge, and networks that we dedicate to advising and supporting our clients’ projects. Our goal? To implement projects that contribute to a better world.

Our client approach

Anchor our clients’ projects in data and a real social needs

Good ideas have the greatest impact when applied to real problems that exist in communities on-the-ground. At Credo, we develop our projects through a rigorous approach anchored in social data. Responding to the demonstrated needs of individuals and communities is the most effective way to make a real difference in their lives.

Leverage top communication, technology and management tools to benefit the social sector

At Credo, we believe that management, communications and technology tools that have lead innovative companies to succeed should be adapted to support and accelerate the missions of social sector organizations. Our team of experts from different backgrounds uses this expertise to accelerate our clients’ and collaborators’ social impact ideas and projects.

Challenge our clients to maximize their social impact

Through regular meetings and approvals over the course of each mandate, we establish close and transparent relationships with our clients. These honest conversations allow us to challenge our clients and bring them even farther on their path to social impact.

Engage in interdisciplinary dialogues to build a deep understanding of social issues

The relationships we have forged in the community help us instigate dialogue between actors from different horizons and who represent diverse conceptions social impact. Gathering this broad range of knowledge and experience helps us build a common understanding of social change, which in turn informs our work and accelerates our impact.

Keep up to date on emerging trends in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility

We take our role as consultants seriously. We are not only interested, but we are personally committed to immersing ourselves in emerging trends and key debates in the areas in which we operate. The sectors of social innovation, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility are progressing rapidly. Hence, we make it our duty to keep up with the latest developments so as to ensure we add as much value as possible to our conversations with clients and partners.